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Stressful events / Trauma

A clear, life-threatening event can upset people long afterwards. Innocent, stressful events, esp. when young and vulnerable can upset people too, long into adulthood. They shape core beliefs, as if to say “I’m not safe”, “I don’t matter”. You won't believe how quickly we can resolve this.

The Swearing Psychologist

I swear. A lot. We relax, ‘tell it like it is’. What we both want is the truth, not the prettied up version, finding the academic words. They don’t have the same emotional ring as fucked up, or bullshit or whatever. (If you don’t want the swearing, that’s ok too.)

Transition to Retirement

How to use your last 10 years of work, to prepare for the next 30 years in retirement? As your workforce reaches their career peak and earning capacity, they may not be feeling the sense of reward expected.

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Why early intervention?

“I followed the river, I got to the sea” * When mental ill-health takes over, one of the casualties is one’s personal sense of cause and effect. Usually, when we’re...

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